Moroccan fans are dissatisfied with the unavailable tickets

Ticket concerns that emerged this week in advance of the December 6 match between Morocco and Spain have upset a lot of Moroccan fans.

Many people expressed their anger on social media platforms, calling the situation unfair.

Others pointed the finger at FIFA, charging it with “manipulation,” alleging that the failure to sell tickets to Moroccans was an attempt to prevent “Moroccan fans” from attending the nation’s first round-of-16 match.

Moroccans are unable to get tickets for the encounter between Morocco and Spain days before the game. Some fans allege that the black market ticket price has risen to $250, while others assert that Asian supporters purchased tickets rather than the two competing nations,” one Twitter user said.

Another user accused FIFA of manipulating the ticketing system after tagging FIFA and asking about the cause of the problem with the ticket supply.

He claimed that “FIFA manipulates the Morocco vs. Spain match and does not want the Moroccan supporters to attend.”

Moroccans living in Qatar also expressed their dissatisfaction, highlighting the importance of Atlas Lions supporters attending the next match.

“I saw Morocco’s first two matches while I was in Qatar, and I had no trouble getting tickets for either game. What’s going on right now is unknown to me. We discovered a problem with a ticket. I believe that 80% of Moroccans were unable to get tickets for the game, according to a Moroccan supporter.

Many Moroccans had the same annoyance and were thus unable to purchase a ticket.

What is happening in Qatar!? The Moroccan Football Federation must act quickly, as the great majority of Moroccan fans were unable to obtain tickets for the Morocco-Spain match, a supporter yelled.

Many angry spectators have also posted on Facebook and in Twitter, requesting contact from anybody selling tickets to the game.

In an effort to get tickets, a Twitter user stated, “I am looking for three tickets for Morocco vs. Spain,” in four different languages.

In addition to the Moroccans who already reside in Qatar, a significant number of football supporters also intended to fly there this weekend and early next week to see the match.

The national airline of Morocco, Royal Air Maroc, has established a special flight schedule for supporters who want to fly to Qatar to watch the game.

In order to extend their stay and watch the Morocco vs. Spain game, Royal Air Maroc also let supporters who attended the other matches to change their departure flights to a different day.

The procedure of rescheduling will be free.

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