Tickets for Free: Morocco vs Spain for Moroccans Only

Moroccan fans in Qatar have been struggling these past few days to buy tickets for Morocco vs Spain Match because of resellers who were asking for exorbitant prices.

Morocco’s Royal Federation of Football announced yesterday that it will provide 5000 tickets for Moroccan fans on the official website.

Luckily, after hours of frustration H.H Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al Tani of Qatar and the Royal Federation of Moroccan Football interfered and managed to provide tickets for free to Moroccan fans only.

The RFMF took the tickets from the FIFA and gave it to the Embassy of Morocco in Qatar, and those who want a ticket have to be Moroccan and show their Moroccan passport to get one.

Later today, tickets were available at the Gate Mall rather than the Embassy for free to Moroccans only.

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