OCP plans to create a massive factory in the Moroccan Sahara to produce 1 million tons of green ammonia.

The group’s ambitious new investment program, which was unveiled by Mostafa Terrab in King Mohammed VI’s presence on Saturday, seeks to be 100% green by 2027 and carbon neutral by 2040. The firm will invest in renewable energy sources and launch a number of initiatives for the manufacture of green ammonia.

The OCP Group plans to make substantial investments over the next three years. The giant of the phosphate industry will thus mobilize 55.43 billion DH in 2023, 52.8 billion in 2024 and 37.9 in 2025.

By 2027, OCP will double its production capacity in these well-established markets as well as welcome two new inputs, one of which is green ammonia

The largest ammonia importer in the world, OCP, plans to construct a massive factory in the Moroccan Sahara .The Group intends to begin producing 1 million tons of green ammonia by 2027 and hopes to produce 3.2 million tons by 2032 using renewable energy.

Three different types of fertilizers will be produced through the same initiative, which will be developed specifically in the Moroccan Sahara provinces mostly on Tarfaya-Boucraa-Laayoune region.

As well as a 60 Mm3 saltwater desalination plant, a 1.2 GW solar farm, a 2.6 GW wind farm, a hydrogen electrolyzer plant, and other facilities. OCP intends intends to build more infrastructure in Laayoun.

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