World cup 2022: The moving speech of a Moroccan journalist in the press conference in the presence of Walid and bounou

Morocco made history by defeating Spain in the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup on Tuesday (0-0, 3-0). Following the game, a Moroccan journalist used the press conference to express his gratitude to coach Walid Regragui and goalkeeper Yassine Bounou.

For a few moments, he set aside his press card to express his joy, pride, and gratitude on behalf of a whole people. During Walid Regragui and Yassine Bounou’s press conference following the Atlas Lions’ World Cup 2022 victory over Spain on Tuesday, a Moroccan journalist was noticed. The reporter, clearly moved, paid a passionate tribute to Morocco’s coach and heroic goalkeeper.

“I am a Moroccan journalist, but I will speak in English so that all the journalists present in the room can understand what I am going to say”.

He introduced, before launching into a fiery speech: “Yassine and Walid, today you have written history. I have no questions, I just want to thank you. I want to thank you because it had never been done in Moroccan soccer. You have regained the confidence of a whole generation of Moroccans. Forty million Moroccans are happy today.”Said the journalist.

“I have tears in my eyes,” he continued, “thank you coach Walid, thank you Yassine Bounou for everything you have done,” he added, as the Sevilla goalkeeper and his national coach stared in amazement. “You have now written Morocco’s history ! I speak with tears in my eyes. Because, seriously, you have written Morocco’s history. Thank you very much.”

Finally, Bounou, Regragui, and a large portion of the press room applauded the speech. “The English is good,” the goalkeeper started joking, looking at the journalist in question.

Morocco is preparing to face Portugal in the World Cup quarterfinals on Saturday at 4 p.m., after defeating Spain in the first quarterfinal of its history. Looking for a place in the final four.


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