Walid Regragui: We are “Rocky of this World”

The Moroccan national team’s play today against Portugal was very challenging, according to national coach Walid Regragui.

Roman Saiss, a defender, reportedly played the game although injured, giving all that he had to perform his job as a member of the team.

“The guys fought well, they were confident. We will enjoy this achievement and then prepare for the semi-final match.”

Moroccan coach Walid Regragui referred to his team as the “Rocky of this World Cup” after they defeated Portugal in a historic match to advance as the first African team to the semifinals.

Regragui stated that his team learned to dream and that their unexpected run had won hearts all across the world. The winners of Wednesday’s match between England and France will face Morocco, which recently defeated Belgium and Spain.

Regragui, whose side were again roared on by thousands of Arabs from across the world, said he felt Morocco had grown into the neutral’s favourite. “We are now becoming the team that everyone loves in this World Cup because we are showing that even if you don’t have as much talent and money then you can succeed,” the former defender said. “We have made our people and our continent so happy and proud. When you watch Rocky, you want to support Rocky Balboa and I think we are the Rocky of this World Cup. I think now the world is with Morocco.”

A courageous first-half header by Youssef En-Nesryi was sufficient for Morocco, a team who had not yet let an opponent to score in Qatar, to secure the victory. At the last whistle, according to Regragui, he let his emotions get the better of him. The manager admitted that it was the first time he had sobbed during a game. “I work to control my emotions because I want to demonstrate to my teammates my mental strength. However, there are occasions when it all becomes too much, and when a World Cup semifinal is reached, emotions run high. If I said I believed we could get to the semifinals, I would be lying.

The Moroccan goalkeeper Bono, who was once more named man of the match, claimed that during the competition, he and his colleagues had overcome their inferiority complex. Bono remarked, “Pinch me, I’m dreaming.” “These are fantastic times, but like the coach mentioned, we are here to alter the mood and eliminate this inferiority complex. We have successfully altered this mindset, and the generation that follows will be aware that Moroccan players are capable of miracles.

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