U.S. Defense Budget: Biden Rejects Inhofe’s Demands and Signs Legislation in Favor of Morocco

Following the announcement of an agreement between Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. President signed the National Defense Authorization Act. As long as there are no limitations on joint military exercises, this law is reassuring for Morocco.

Joe Biden has signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 into law, according to a Dec. 23 White House statement.

The new U.S. defense budget passed this year without any unpleasant surprises for Morocco as a result of a bipartisan deal between Republicans and Democrats. Unlike the previous year, when the pro-Polisario lobby was successful in introducing an amendment constricting the funding of joint exercises to the resumption of the dialogue process with the so-called Polisario, the legislation made no mention of it despite pressure from Republican Senator James Inhofe, a committed supporter of the Polisario. It is important to remember that the notwithstanding clause was activated by the State Department, which made this amendment useless.

The U.S. Army, whose former Commander of AFRICOM, General Stephen Townsend, praised the Kingdom’s ability to host, advised against James Inhofe’s (who is retiring) attempt in vain to have Morocco removed from the African Lion exercise.

The largest exercise in Africa will be held in Morocco, which will serve as the principal host, along with other nations including Senegal, Tunisia, and Ghana, as was the case the previous year.

It should be remembered that, according to information “L’Opinion” had gathered from the U.S. Defense Attaché in Morocco, Morocco and the United States conduct approximately 100 joint exercises each year.

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