Morocco 2022: A heartbreaking start to a magical ending

We are approaching the end of 2022. This year has brought its share of reform and joy as well, to end in beauty with the historic journey of the Lions at the World Cup Qatar 2022. Despite the fact that it had a difficult beginning for Moroccans due to a number of factors, including the pandemic that was still with us and the drought that hit hard for the second year in a row.

The Moroccan national team’s achievement of making the World Cup semifinals has a significant impact on the year’s end. However, it is also one that has been characterized by intense sorrow as a result of the tragedy involving Ryan the child, which captured the attention of the entire world in a unique scene.

The young child who was stuck in the well for five days eventually emerged after much digging, patience, and suffering, when he was only a lifeless body, and after his parents had patiently waited for him.

When a statement from the Royal Court stated that King Mohammed VI had informed the child’s parents of their death, it was a heartbreaking and unimaginable moment. The world was completely startled by this death as they witnessed a catastrophe unlike any other.

The team led by Walid Regragui arrived to turn the suffering of the Moroccan people into happiness at a time when their hearts were being torn apart by the trials of time, due to a challenging social and economic situation, in the context of a severe drought and disastrous repercussions of the pandemic, but life goes on and at the end of the year we lived a wonderful dream.

We had an incredible atmosphere during the entire World Cup in Qatar, where the national team coach was able to share wisdom and inspirational words. Lessons in patriotism and love for the national flag, as well as the realization that anything is possible for Morocco to accomplish, no matter how high the goals might well be.

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