President of Liberia Receives Minister Sekkouri, Carrying Message from HM the King

Younes Sekkouri, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, was welcomed in audience by President of  Liberia George Weah on Tuesday in Monrovia while bearing a letter from His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

On this occasion, Sekkouri emphasized the Kingdom’s continuous commitment to strengthening ties between Liberia and Morocco.

Both President Weah and Sekkouri reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing and bolstering the friendly ties that already exist between the two nations.

The two sides also discussed development initiatives in the fields of commerce, infrastructure, employment prospects, and human capability, as well as mutual tolerance for one another’s cultures and variety from which each nation may gain.

President George Weah offered Mr. Sekkouri a message for HM King Mohammed VI during this audience.

Over the years, the Republic of Liberia and the Kingdom of Morocco’s relations have grown significantly to an unheard-of degree. These are strong relationships that demonstrate the bonds that bind the two nations together.

Liberia and Morocco are still closely collaborating on matters of mutual interest in their numerous fields of strategic collaboration and cooperation.

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