Tebboune reacts to Atlas Lions’ 2022 World Cup achievement

17 days after the France-Morocco semifinal match on December 14 and 17 days after the Atlas Lions’ 2022 World Cup victory, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune responded to the success for the first time.

Tebboune noted that Moroccans “have honored Arab football, and especially Maghreb football,” in his remarks on Morocco’s World Cup triumphs.

Tebboune also recalled Moroccans’ support to Algeria at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

In an interview with the French news source LeFigaro, he remarked, “They cheered us when we won the African Cup of Nations.

Algeria received a telegram from King Mohammed VI congratulating them on their team’s achievement at CAN 2019.

“On this historic event, on behalf of the entire Moroccan people, I am pleased to share with the Algerian people our pride in this deserved coronation,” the monarch said.

Tebboune’s comments about Morocco’s World Cup victory surprised many people because the North African nation first showed little response to the accomplishments of the Atlas Lions.

Unlike many other nations, particularly Arab ones, neither Algeria’s government nor press made any remarks on Morocco’s outstanding results throughout the international competition.

Moroccan triumphs at the World Cup were totally ignored by state broadcast networks, further politicizing the sport.

Morocco’s 2-0 victory over Belgium was not mentioned during the group stage broadcast by Algerian television station TV 2 Algerie, which only featured three matches.

Several media sources in Algeria, including official television networks, have refrained from covering their neighbor’s victory in the competition despite generating international news.

Some claimed that the Algerian regime’s directives were the reason for the paucity of coverage.

Morocco and Algeria’s government severed diplomatic ties in August 2021. Morocco has been urging Algeria to participate in an open and direct discussion to break the political impasse between the two nations.

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