Exceptional arrangement for the New Year in Morocco

The Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) has deployed a reinforced security for these holidays. Checkpoints have been placed at the entrances and exits of the various cities of the Kingdom, in addition to the deployment of agents in some sensitive and busy places.

On this New Year’s Eve 2023, it is time to mobilize all available logistical, material, and human resources. According to the Arabic daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, the DGSN has installed a security system to guarantee the community’s safety during the celebrations. The security services want to make sure the entire kingdom is secure. Stepping up patrols and surveillance rounds in different boulevards and neighborhoods, especially around tourist attractions, and securing foreign embassies, hotels, and resorts with specialized patrols in major cities.  The DGSN uses every resource at its disposal to ensure that the citizens can celebrate in safety.

In addition to the deployment of traffic police and public security officers on major thoroughfares, important streets, and urban neighborhoods, there have also been improvements made to patrols, emergency police, and motorcycle riders in city public squares, as well as the installation of stationary and portable cameras. According to a police source in the wilaya of Casablanca, “this massive deployment of law enforcement agencies aims to reassure the population and to show that all security devices are ready to ensure its safety during the New Year celebrations”.

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