Morocco: Among the top tourist destinations in 2023 (Washington Post)

Morocco is among the best destinations in the world in 2023 according to experts in the tourism sector, said the American daily “Washington Post”.

Morocco was becoming more and more popular as a travel destination even before the North African nation’s World Cup-related global attention, according to the American publication “Washington Post.”

According to Intrepid Travel CEO James Thornton, “We expect Morocco to continue to be incredibly popular in 2023 given the increase in flights to the destination and the ability to get out and experience great things in a week, 10 days, or two weeks.” According to the large travel company, Morocco is currently the nation with the most reservations made through Intrepid Travel.

The vice president of Modern Adventure, Liz Boudreau, claims that the company anticipates a 53% increase in reservations for Morocco compared to 2022, indicating a similar level of interest in the Kingdom.

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