Medusa Project: Morocco to be connected in 2025

Morocco will take part in the remarkable “Medusa” project, which will use an undersea cable to unite nine Mediterranean nations for the first time. From Portugal, the cable will travel to Egypt.

This initiative, which is a fundamental component of the new EU Mediterranean agenda, should improve network connectivity between the nations of the northern and southern Mediterranean.

The European Investment Bank (EIB), which recently provided 100 million euros to co-finance the project, as well as a grant from the European Union of 40 million euros, will be used to improve direct broadband connectivity between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean basin, especially for research and educational communities. The project will require the mobilization of 342 million euros.

The declared goal of this program will be to connect Southern Europe and North Africa, to promote connectivity between the EU and the Maghreb countries plus Egypt, in order to support the inclusive and sustainable economic development of nine countries.

In the long run, Medusa will contribute to increased integration in the area, sustainable development, and the potential for economic growth in the Mediterranean region.

The Europeans, who recognize the importance of North Africa and its growth, have staked their claim on this initiative, which will encourage complementarity between the two shores and narrow the gap between the north and south.

The submarine fiber-optic cable will link five nations—Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal—to four nations in the EU’s southern neighborhood (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt).

Both the Southern European and North African portions of this project will be partially finished by the end of 2024. From the start of 2025, Morocco will be linked to Medusa.

Antennas will be used in the system, which would link Port Said in Egypt with Lisbon via stations at Torreguadiaro and Zahara de los Atunes in Spain.

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