New wave of coronavirus in China: Moroccans are worried

Many Moroccans are concerned that a new form of confinement is on the horizon in light of the recent emergence of the covid-19 virus in China and the Moroccan government’s ban on Chinese nationals entering Moroccan territory.

The president of the Moroccan Society of Medical Sciences, Professor Said Moutaouakil, disagrees with this theory. The anesthesiologist, who is also a member of the Technical and Scientific Committee, reaffirmed that the relevant authorities would not also decide to close the borders.

The restriction on Chinese nationals and those traveling from China, according to Professor Moutaouakil, is “temporary and will be lifted as soon as the number of contamination cases is reduced.”

People who have the flu should seek medical advice, the expert advised, as it is anticipated that the Kingdom will experience a new wave of the pandemic.

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