British times: Morocco ranks third in the world in terms of foreign direct investment after India and Qatar.

According to a report by the British newspaper The Times, the Kingdom of Morocco is currently ranked third among the best nations in the world for investing.

This ranking was included in the latest report on foreign direct investment for 2023.

The Times is in charge of the report, which uses data from the International Monetary Fund, which keeps track of foreign investment, to analyze the macroeconomic and foreign direct investment trajectories of the top 50 FDI destinations worldwide.

The Kingdom came in third, behind Qatar and India, as a result of the macroeconomic cycle’s strong investment momentum up until the beginning of this year. According to the International Monetary Fund, GDP growth will be 3.1% and inflation will be 4.1% in 2023.

According to the report, many foreign investors are interested in utilizing Morocco’s potential for solar and wind energy to produce green hydrogen. One such investor is Eren, a Luxembourg-based company that has developed a green hydrogen project in the Guelmim Oued Noon area that has the potential to raise more than $10 billion.

Four sub-Saharan African nations, namely Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Niger, “will be among the world’s ten fastest-growing countries in 2023,” the experts indicate in the same report, noting that the kingdom continues to be the largest recipient of industrial foreign direct investment in the MENA region after Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

In a report released in July of last year, the agency “Moody’s” stated that Morocco has demonstrated effectiveness in managing crises and enhancing governance to enable a gradual improvement in the fiscal and debt situation, projecting a growth of the nation’s economy of 3 to 3.5% until 2025.

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