Moroccan National Library’s digital records are well-preserved and secure

Contrary to reports spread by various media following a cyberattack that attacked the Library’s site in the evening of December 30, the Moroccan National Library (BNRM) affirmed on Friday that the digital materials it holds are well-preserved and secure from hacking.

In a statement that MAP received, the Moroccan National Library remembered that hacking attempts on its website had occurred often around the time when the publication of the book “Selective Bibliography of the Moroccan Sahara” and its online accessibility in digital form to scholars were announced.

According to the statement, the Library’s IT department reactivated the site fairly promptly after learning about the hack. However, to further safeguard it, they took the precaution of making it temporarily available only internally from BNRM and not online.

It further stated that the first investigations into the details of this hack had been conducted in complete coordination with the Kingdom’s services in charge of cyber security.

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