Spain – Morocco Roadmap Puts Bilateral Cooperation on Stronger Pillars

The President of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez said, Monday in Madrid, that the new roadmap established between Spain and Morocco last April, on the occasion of his visit to Morocco at the invitation of HM King Mohammed VI, places "bilateral cooperation on stronger pillars."

According to Spain ‘s PM Sanchez, who presided over the 7th Conference of Spanish ambassadors posted overseas, this new phase of ties between the two nations would help develop “mutual trust.”

The Spanish president also emphasized the necessity of North African “stability” in order to “advance towards a more beneficial collaboration.”

“Stability and security must continue to be a major focus in our southern neighborhood,” he added.

“I mentioned before that we will hold a meeting with the southern neighborhood at the European level during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union to execute and develop this constructive agenda that we must have with our southern neighbors,” Sanchez said.

According to the new plan, Spain and Morocco are committed to, among other things, addressing matters of shared interest in a “spirit of trust and dialogue” and reactivating the working groups they established to rekindle bilateral multisectoral collaboration.

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