Nadia Fettah meets with the US Ambassador to Morocco

The United States ambassador to Morocco, Puneet Talwar, met with Nadia Fettah, the minister of economy and finance.

The meeting was held to “review a series of areas of economic and financial cooperation between the Kingdom and the United States and discuss ways to further strengthen this cooperation,” based on a statement issued by the ministry.

The minister outlined the important reforms the government has been working on over the previous year in addition to the initiatives the government hopes to implement this year.Fettah focused on the areas of social protection, investment, education, and health in order to increase cooperation with Washington.

Puneet Talwar expressed the desire of the United States to support the growth of relations with Morocco and welcomed the dynamics of the proposed reforms. It is also important to note that Rabat is relocating closer to Israel, one of the United States’ most crucial allies.

The agreement with Tel Aviv to explore and produce natural gas, as well as the kingdom’s growing leadership in renewable energy, are both efforts to combat the global energy crisis.

According to Talwar, “The United States and Morocco are more committed than ever to promoting sustainable economic growth in Morocco and throughout the African continent.”

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