PortNet and the Port of Huelva sign and agreement for the digitalization of port chains in Morocco-Spain

A protocol for the study and future growth of the digitalization operations of the harbor chains was completed by the port of Huelva and PortNet on Wednesday.

On January 11, 2023, an action protocol for the investigation and future development of procedures for the digitization of port chains was concluded between the port of Huelva, one of the largest in Spain, and the national single window of Moroccan external trade procedures (PortNet).

The protocol, which was signed by the general manager of PortNet, Youssef Ahouzi, and the president of the Port Authority of Huelva (APH), Pilar Miranda, aims to make it easier for the two organizations to study and potentially develop processes for digitizing harbor marine chains by connecting their computer systems through the appropriate telematic interfaces to increase maritime trade between Huelva and Morocco.

According to a statement from the Spanish government, the collaboration between APH and PortNet intends to “contribute to the innovation ecosystem by providing a genuine integrated technological and maritime connection for all actors participating in the global value chain from and to each country.”

The port of Huelva’s president emphasized that this “pioneer” protocol of action between Spanish and Moroccan entities is a natural result of the APH’s commitment to digitization and will make it easier for the port of Huelva and PortNet to share information and enhance port services for international trade.

She went on to say that the accord will “fresh impetus to international maritime trade between Huelva and Morocco.”

The APH worked with the Moroccan administrations “to strengthen the commercial and logistical relations” and thereby “to establish another gateway for Moroccan products to the rest of Europe and America, and vice versa,” according to a statement. This was done because of Morocco’s geographic proximity, the “exponential” growth of its merchandise traffic, and the relations between the two countries.


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