Morocco’s passport allows visa-free entry to 65 countries

Global consultancy Henley & Partners has published a ranking of countries based on how easy it is for their citizens to travel to other countries. The Moroccan passport is ranked 80th globally, alongside Ghana and Cuba.

Based on information provided by the International Air Transport Association, the Henley Passport Index has identified the top and most effective passports worldwide for 2023. Morocco, Ghana, and Cuba all had rankings of 80 in the world.

The index states that holders of Moroccan passports may enter 65 countries visa-free or with the option of obtaining visas upon arrival at their respective airports. This year’s index features 227 travel destinations and 199 passports.

The basic criteria for this classification are the countries to which the passport allows the holder to travel. The higher the number of countries that allow visa-free entry, the better the ranking of the passport issuing country.

In the North African region, Tunisia tops the list and ranks 76th in the world. Its passport allows visits to 70 countries.

Regionally, Morocco is ranked second, followed by Mauritania in third place (85th globally), with a passport that allows visits to 59 countries. Algeria ranks third (90th worldwide) with a passport that allows travel to 53 destinations without the need for a visa before travelling. Libya is ranked last in the Maghreb (101st worldwide), with only 41 countries.

In Africa, Morocco came in at number sixteen. Mauritius (34th in the world), South Africa (53rd), Botswana (63rd), Namibia (67th), Lesotho (69th), Eswatini (71st) and Malawi (72nd) top the list, as do Tanzania (74), Zambia (75), Tunisia (76), Gambia (77), Uganda (78), Cape Verde (79) and Zimbabwe (79).

The top 20 ranks worldwide are dominated by European passports. But Asia takes the top three spots, with Japan (193 destinations), Singapore (192 destinations), and South Korea (192 destinations), before Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg.

The bottom ranks are similarly dominated by Asian nations. Pakistan is ranked 106th because just 32 countries are accessible with its passport. Following Syria, whose people can travel to 30 different countries, are Iraq (108th), which has 29 destinations, and Afghanistan, which has just 27.

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