CAF to investigate political remarks made during the CHAN opening ceremony

The Confederation of African Football stated in a statement posted on its official website on Sunday that it had been informed of some political remarks made during the African Nations Championship opening ceremony in Algeria. To ascertain whether the statements were in violation of its rules and laws, CAF announced that an investigation would be established.

The African Football Federation stated in a statement that its position on political issues has always been neutral. “CAF has been made aware of certain political statements made during the CHAN opening ceremony in Algeria. These political statements are not those of CAF and do not represent the organization’s point of view or opinion as a politically neutral organization “According to the report.

Furthermore, the African football body guaranteed that inquiries would be made to ascertain the specifics of the serious offences in order to draw conclusions. “The CAF will investigate whether the political remarks and actions of the CHAN opening ceremony are in contravention of CAF and FIFA rules and regulations. In due course, it will draw conclusions “the continental authority declared in its statement.

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