Moroccan diplomatic source: There is an ongoing campaign targeting Morocco and we warn of the consequences of vile manoeuvres from within the European Parliament

Following the adoption of two amendments to the “Report on the implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy 2022” by the European Parliament on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, a source from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs came forward to present a set of precise data outlining the maneuvers made by Morocco’s adversaries.
The source notes that in this context, the amendments, which are supported by groups opposed to Morocco’s interests, fall under the category of harassment and attacks against the Kingdom by those who are upset about Morocco’s development, prosperity, and strong presence in its regional and global environments.

Morocco has long warned of this continuous, specifically directed campaign, on numerous occasions. Morocco is the most singled out and offensive of all Arab and African nations, displaying a blatant bias that cannot be disregarded.
The abuses and actual transgressions of institutions and the democratic process are only partially expressed by these amendments. The source continues, “to see that people who complain of foreign intervention are the first to interfere in the domestic affairs and sovereignty of a sovereign State is surprising.”
According to the source, “those who complain of interference are in fact the heroes of such interference,” explaining that those who assert that their work is legitimate are basing their claims on unfounded allegations promoted by some media without any legal foundation while judicial investigations are still ongoing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs source emphasized that Morocco anticipated additional attacks, which would use certain factual and empty rhetoric that had previously achieved justice. He emphasized that those in the European Parliament who were hostile to Morocco and had a well-known agenda were not deterred by anything, disregarding the rights of victims, casting doubt on Morocco’s independent judicial system, and siding with people who had already been tried for violations of public rights, not in any way because of opinions or attitudes.
Morocco maintains its confidence in its national route, wisdom in its domestic and foreign policy alternatives, and inability to concur behind hidden or overt objectives without losing sight of the sensible attitude of some political groups and representations in the European Parliament.
According to the source, Morocco, which has always been dedicated to its strategic partnership with the EU, warns against the negative effects of such heinous maneuvers, appeals to wise and responsible individuals to speak with the language of reason and put the interests of the partnership first, and to abstain from participating in or supporting such manoeuvres.

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