ONMT honored in Madrid as “Best Emerging Sustainable Destination”

In a ceremony held at the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation in Madrid, the Spanish travel publication Viajar selected Morocco’s National Tourism Office (ONMT) the “Best Emerging Sustainable Destination” for the 2022–2023 time frame.

On its social media sites today, ONMT declared that Morocco had won the title of “Best Emerging Sustainable Destination” for 2022–2023 as compensation for its sustainability efforts.

At the networking event, which included various travel agents from Morocco and other countries, ONMT Director General Adel El Fakir accepted the honor from the Director of the Viajar magazine.

El Fakir expressed his gratitude for receiving the award, which honors the Kingdom of Morocco’s efforts in sustainable tourism, after accepting it.

“This recognition strengthens the influence of the Moroccan brand through the traits of sustainability and responsibility, which tourists from across the world are aware of,” the speaker continued.

According to Morocco’s press agency (MAP), the occasion provided a chance to advertise Morocco as a holiday destination in the worldwide market. More than 250 Iberian and Latin American tourism operators attended.

The second wave of the ONMT’s “Morocco the Land of Light” campaign was started on November 20, 2022, as part of the goals of the Moroccan Tourism Office to promote the nation’s tourism-related activities.

According to the office, the initial wave of the campaign had excellent results, reaching 60% of “foreign tourists” in the target areas.

According to ONMT, the campaign reached 74% of tourists in Spain and 80% of tourists in France, respectively, and “96% of those who recognized the campaign expressed a definite interest to visit Morocco.”

After winning “the finest international advertising campaign in Spain” and “the greatest culinary destination,” the ONMT now wins recognition for the third time in Spain with the “Best Emerging Sustainable Destination” award.

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