Moroccan Parliamentary Delegation Participates in Arab Parliament Session in Cairo

The Moroccan parliament, represented by the Moroccan parliamentary section in the Arab Parliament, will take part from January 20 to 22 in the work of the third session under the third legislature, held at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo.

The parliament said in a statement that the session’s agenda will include meetings of the Standing Committees and subcommittees as well as a plenary session that will be devoted to the examination of current Arab issues, the follow-up of political and social developments on the regional and international stage, in order to unify the positions of the Arab States on them and strengthen cooperative Arab action.

Ahmed Ched, the chairman of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, and Mohammed Bakouri, the chairman of the Arab Food Security Committee, who represents the Moroccan parliamentary section in the Foreign Affairs, Political and National Security Committee, are the representatives of the Moroccan Parliament in the Arab Parliament’s organizational structures, according to the statement.

Additionally, MP Mohamed Ayyach represents the Moroccan Parliament in the Committee on Legislative, Legal, and Human Rights Affairs and MP Khadija Hajjoubi serves as vice-chair of the Committee on Social, Educational, Cultural, Women, and Youth Affairs.

According to the statement, the Moroccan parliamentary section members continue to participate in the work of the Commission for Palestine and watch the developments of the situation and the choices it makes in order to defend the important and vital Arab causes.

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