David Fischer, Former American Ambassador in Rabat, Pleads for Morocco

Former US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer calls for increased foreign investment in the Kingdom. He delivered a speech at the Davos summit.

David T. Fischer, a retired diplomat and former US ambassador to Morocco, continues to defend the Kingdom as the West’s most credible partner in Africa. David T. Fischer called for investment in Morocco at the Davos Summit, which began on January 18.

He stated on Twitter that Morocco is the gateway to trade in this part of the world (Africa). Morocco, with its ports and free trade agreements throughout Africa and the EU, can and will be the dealmaker».

«It was great to see Aziz Akhannouch take the lead in Davos. Morocco, please! More commerce. «Go Morocco!» writes the former US diplomat.

Remember that Morocco is represented at the Davos Economic Forum by the Chief Executive. In his speech on Wednesday, January 18, Aziz Akhannouch stated that Morocco has all the assets necessary to turn the challenges of the economic situation into opportunities in collaboration with its partners.

‘Its geostrategic potential, at the crossroads of Europe, the Atlantic, and Africa, favorably positions it in the reorganization of global value chains,’ he said.

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