Morocco strongly condemns the burning of the Holy Quran by Swedish extremists in Stockholm.

The Kingdom of Morocco has strongly condemned the burning of the Holy Quran by Swedish extremists in Stockholm on Saturday, expressing its absolute rejection of this dangerous act.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad expressed its shock that the Swedish authorities have allowed this unacceptable act, which took place in front of the Swedish security forces, and calls on them to intervene to prevent damage to the Holy Quran and the sacred religious symbols of Muslims,” the ministry said in a statement .

The ministry stressed that “this hateful act, which touches the feelings of more than a billion Muslims, will fuel feelings of anger and hatred between religions and peoples.”

It stressed that the values of tolerance and coexistence “require not to apply double standards and to treat with the same firmness and rigor all attacks on the sanctity of religions and the feelings of those affiliated with them.

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