Tourism: Important recovery for Morocco after the corona crisis

According to statistics from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, 11 million tourists visited Morocco in 2022, accounting for 84% of all visitors who visited the country during the time before the Corona pandemic.

Fatima Zahra Amor, the minister of tourism, traditional industry, social inclusion, and solidarity, stated on Monday that” Morocco is still recovering from the Corona crisis despite managing to attract 84% more tourists in 2022 than in 2019″

When asked about the tourism industry in the House of Representatives, the Minister of Tourism replied that Morocco had “a significant tourist recovery in reaching this percentage,” noting that the overall recovery rate had not gone above 65%.

According to the official Moroccan news agency, which the minister mentioned, tourism receipts in hard currency experienced a recovery rate of 112% last November, with an estimated financial coverage of $8 billion.

As stated by the Moroccan official, the industry will continue to recover from the corona pandemic and will experience “increasing growth, especially after the influence that Morocco has experienced during the World Cup in Qatar.”

The Minister also added that, in terms of domestic tourism, the recovery rate has surpassed 101% compared to 2019.

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