Moroccan Parliament ‘s Accession to PARLACEN, “Contribution to Our Institution’s Action”

The Moroccan Parliament’s admission as a permanent observer member of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) is a contribution to the work of this regional parliamentary union, according to Amado Cerrud Acevedo, the new Speaker of this institution.
Acevedo expressed his appreciation for the role played by Morocco’s Upper House in fostering ties between the Kingdom and Central American nations during a meeting with Ahmed Lakhrif, the House of Councillors’ permanent representative to the Central American Parliament, in Guatemala, according to a statement from the House of Councillors.

Lakhrif, for his part, expressed his delight in the unique partnership between the Moroccan Parliament and PARLACEN as well as the rapid progress made.
In this regard, he recalled the key events that have shaped these relations since the Laayoune Declaration, which marked the culmination of the historic meeting of the PARLACEN executive board and the board of the House of Councillors in July 2016 and in which this regional parliament expressed its support for the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and the peaceful intervention of Morocco to ensure the free movement of people and goods through the border post of El Guerguerat.

Lakhrif also mentioned the House of Councillors attaining the position of the PARLACEN “advanced partner” in February 2022.
He also discussed the most recent advancements in the national cause and Morocco’s successes in the process of consecration of the Moroccan Sahara. He welcomed PARLACEN’s positions in support of the national cause of the Kingdom and emphasized that the Laayoune Declaration continues to serve as a reference in their interactions.

For his part, Acevedo expressed the readiness of this regional parliamentary forum to strengthen the prestigious ties between the two legislative institutions and work for the creation of programs to serve the interests of the peoples of both regions, who were present along with members of the PARLACEN executive board.
In this regard, he has emphasized Morocco’s location and geostrategic importance as a gateway to the region’s nations for more collaboration and rapprochement with African and Arab nations.

Acevedo also emphasized the value of learning from Morocco’s innovative experiences, particularly in the areas of alternative energy and migration-related policies, and he called for the implementation of the Speaker of the House of Councillors’ proposal to hold a joint parliamentary forum to discuss various migration-related issues.

In reference to the manufactured dispute surrounding the Moroccan Sahara, he emphasized that PARLACEN supports all nonviolent strategies and programs that foster peace.
Following these discussions, Lakhrif attended the PARLACEN General Assembly and took the oath of office to renew his appointment as the House of Councillors’ permanent representative to the Central American Parliament, a position he has held since January 6, 2016.

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