Kenyan President Pledges to Open New Embassy in Morocco

Kenya’s diplomatic representation will move from a consulate to a complete embassy with the opening of an embassy in Morocco.
On Thursday, Kenyan President William Ruto declared his intention to establish an embassy in Morocco before the end of the year.
Ruto’s choice, according to a source from the East African, demonstrates his intention to fortify connections with “one of North Africa’s biggest forces.”
Ruto made his remark while attending the opening of the Kenyan Chancery in Dakar, Senegal.
The election of Willian Samoei Ruto as President of Kenya in August 2022 marked the beginning of a new chapter in Morocco-Kenya relations
Ruto accepted Morocco’s position on the Western Sahara conflict and rescinded his nation’s recognition of the Polisario’s self-declared “Sahrawi republic” shortly after assuming office. Ruto made it clear that he intended to take action to “wind down” the Polisario Front’s position in Kenya. Several influential Kenyan politicians praised Ruto’s choice.
When asked why he chose to support Morocco’s version of events about the Sahara, then-newly elected President Ruto stated, “The war around the Sahara is merely an excuse to allow Algeria to continue to squander the resources of its people on lost causes.”
« Instead of causing unnecessary conflicts and divisions within the African Union, this pan-African body must ensure that the territorial integrity of the 54 members is respected according to the AU charter which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries, »he added.


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