Details of the thirty minute phone call exchanged between Pedro Sanchez and King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI had, on Wednesday, a telephone conversation with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who is visiting Morocco at the head of an important governmental delegation within the framework of the new phase of bilateral partnership between the two countries.

According to available data, the important telephone conversations that took place between King Mohammed VI and Pedro Sanchez, at the initiative of the King of the country, have given great importance to the Moroccan-Spanish high-level meeting, which is held at government level.

King Mohammed VI had long telephone conversations, lasting more than 30 minutes, with His Excellency Pedro Sanchez, before the Moroccan-Spanish high-level meeting, which also included an open invitation from the country’s monarch to Sanchez to make an official visit to Morocco as soon as possible.

The nature and content of King Mohammed VI’s phone call to Pedro sanchir was considered by the Spanish delegation as a sign of the success of this Moroccan-Spanish high-level meeting.

Moroccan-Spanish relations are experiencing a rich period, which began with the holding of the Moroccan-Spanish high-level meeting, and will ultimately succeed with the upcoming official visit to Morocco of Mr. Pedro Sanchir at the invitation of the King.

The invitation extended by King Mohammed VI to His Excellency Pedro Sanchez to visit the Kingdom of Morocco reflects the King’s wish that the agenda of this visit reflect the exceptional partnership that unites the two countries.


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