Spanish FM: high-level meeting in Morocco was excellent,relations will only improve

According to Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares, bilateral relations with Morocco have clearly improved, thanks to strengthened political dialogue and, especially, mutual respect.

Albares told the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” shortly after the bilateral High Level Meeting (HLM) in Rabat that “it was an excellent summit, there have never been so many Spanish and Moroccan ministers on both sides of the table,” adding that “it brought together 28 ministers in total.”

“There have never been so many agreements signed, we did not go to Rabat in search of photo-ops or formalities, we went in search of results,” said Albares.

According to the Minister, the most important takeaway from the meeting is that both countries have established “a new relational model based on mutual benefit, the absence of unilateral actions, transparency, and continuous communication.”

“Let me emphasize that King Mohammed VI has not received the President of the Spanish government for royal constraints, but the Moroccan Sovereign has personally been involved in the preparation of the HLM,” the Spanish official added.

According to the head of Spanish diplomacy, “current President Sanchez is likely the Spanish president who has met the King of Morocco the most.”

The Minister continued, “In fact, President Pedro Sanchez has been invited to Rabat for an upcoming meeting with King Mohamed VI.

This will happen soon, according to the Royal Cabinet’s communiqué.

The Spanish FM has stated that customs will be organized as “we have agreed, that is, through a schedule that will be deployed gradually” with regard to Ceuta and Melilla. The Melilla customs office, which had been closed since 2018, was reopened on January 27. We don’t want to move too quickly.

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