GQ magazine: Yassine Bounou and Achraf Hakimi strike a pose and share a few words

The prestigious GQ Middle East magazine has dedicated a special edition to two Moroccan internationals who made their mark on football in 2022: Achraf Hakimi and Yassine Bounou. Both players were given their own cover, a first for the Sevilla goalkeeper.

Yassine Bounou and Achraf Hakimi were interviewed and photographed by GQ Middle East magazine, which highlights the most fashionable personalities of the moment.

While the PSG player is a regular, having already appeared on the front page of the magazine, this is a completely new exercise for the Sevilla player.

GQ painted a glowing portrait of the Moroccan goalkeeper who has been a star for the Atlas Lions at the 2022 World Cup, becoming one of the most admired goalkeepers of his generation.

“I can’t say I’m in the global spotlight. My beloved country and our Moroccan flag are in the global spotlight, which is a great honour. I am really happy with our achievements as a team, and we are so humbled and motivated to achieve even more,” Bounou told the magazine, saying he was still impressed with the support he received at the global competition.

For his part, Achraf Hakimi, who is now part of the closed circle of the best footballers in the world, is already on the front page of many magazines and has acquired an unprecedented notoriety.

“I am so happy that we played as well as we did and held the Moroccan flag as high as possible. As a team, we are so united and we were so clear on what we wanted to achieve. That was one of the strongest aspects of our selection. We were very close and had so many amazing moments together. Even though it had only been a month, it felt like we had been together much longer,” he says.

For the next generation of footballers, Hakimi advises that they “enjoy their lives, work hard and allow themselves to dream of everything they might want to achieve in the future”.

“No one can tell them they can’t achieve it because all dreams can come true – I am an example of that. I have always dreamed of being a footballer and now I am lucky enough to be one. With hard work and determination, anything can be achieved,” says the PSG player.


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