Visa for Music to come back to Rabat in November

From November 22 to November 25, Rabat will host the 10th edition of the First Festival and Professional Market for Music from Africa and the Middle East, also known as Visa For Music. A call for applications for artists looking to participate in and gain from this new edition of VFM in 2023 was launched with this announcement.

The disparity between the vibrant artistic production in Africa and the Middle East and the underrepresentation of those artists in the media served as the impetus for the creation of Visa For Music.

This festival acts as a springboard for all artists and as a unifying occasion by fostering networking opportunities, boosting their visibility, and assisting them in gaining the respect they are due.

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In a significant way, the 10th iteration of Visa for Music will be remembered. Since 2014, live experiences have been offered. Digital experiences will be made available in 2020, followed by hybrid experiences in 2021 and full experiences in 2022.

In 2023, a brand-new format that combines live conferences, concerts, and digital broadcasts will be accessible. Visa for Music 2023 will be the benchmark for developing the cultural heritage of the future in Africa and the Middle East.

About thirty musicians and artists from Africa and the Middle East will be chosen by a jury comprised of well-known figures in the arts and music to perform at VFM in the city of lights this year.

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