France: King Mohammed VI ends Mohamed Benchaaboun’s duties as ambassador

On royal instructions, it has been decided to terminate the missions of Mohamed Benchaaboun, as ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Paris, reads the text of the release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation, published in the latest Official Bulletin. This decision took effect on 19 January 2023, the same source specified.

Morocco understood that France was behind this resolution and this has been proven. Its response, however subtle and characteristic of Moroccan diplomacy, is nonetheless a direct response to French mishaps aimed at destabilising the Kingdom and damaging its image.

On 18 October 2022, Mr Mohamed Benchaaboun was appointed by H.M. the King as Director General of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment. This appointment already raised questions about its significance, as at that time France did not hide its hostility towards Morocco. The vacancy was made official on 19 January 2023 to reflect the coldness of bilateral diplomatic relations caused by the manoeuvres of France.


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