Algeria, a new EU entry point for irregular migrants

The Balearic Islands, which are close to Valencia, are receiving increased numbers of unauthorized migrants from Algeria, according to Spanish human rights organizations.

Spanish Organization “Caminodo Frontera” issued a warning that the situation surrounding irregular migration is getting worse as it has become the primary location for Algerian adolescents seeking to enter Europe.

The nationality of migrants is not restricted to Algeria; it also includes countries in West and Central Africa, the Sahel, and regions beyond the Sahara.

However, this regiment is increasingly using Algeria as a major crossing point to the European Bank, according to the same source, particularly in light of the recent political tensions between Madrid and Algiers.

About 23,000 migrants from Algeria arrived in Spain last year, a sizeable amount that shows the country’s considerable migration flow is still going strong.

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Data from the Spanish Interior Ministry indicated that the diplomatic disconnect with Algeria contributed to the absence of a clear vision on migration flows.

According to the ministry, Algerian officials have not provided any information regarding the number of smuggling networks dismantled since the start of last year.

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