Spain: the Gran Teatro Cervantes in Tangiers officially handed over to Morocco

Left abandoned since 1974, the Great Cervantes Theatre of Tangier will finally be restored after the publication, on Saturday, of an ordinance recording the irrevocable donation of this 1400-seat showcase by Spain to Morocco in the official bulletin of the State.

Morocco will finally be able to save this mythical building, which was built between 1911 and 1913 by the Spanish architect, Diego Jiménez Armstrong.

Under the terms of this order, Morocco undertakes to restore the building in its entirety, respecting the original architecture of both the façade and the interior, and preserving the original design of the theatre.

The transferred property of the Great Cervantes Theatre will be part of the “Private Domain of the Moroccan State” and cannot be transferred to a third party.

This transfer has been materialised by a protocol which, by its form and content, constitutes an international agreement.

To this end, Morocco undertakes to cover all the costs of restoration, renovation, management and maintenance and to maintain the name of the “Great Cervantes Theatre” and to preserve its symbolism and history.

Morocco had announced on 10 February 2019 its intention to restore the “Gran Teatro Cervantes” in Tangier.

Spain had decided to cede ownership of this masterpiece of 20th century Spanish architecture which is falling into ruin in response to a Moroccan offer to restore and manage the theatre in return for becoming its owner and a commitment on its part to preserve the Spanish cachet in the cultural programming of this institution.

The Great Cervantes Theatre of Tangier is one of the most important cultural buildings in the city of the Strait. Located not far from the recently renovated old port of Tangier, this building of great architectural and cultural value will soon be rehabilitated, bringing a touch of beauty to the new face of this city at the tip of Africa.


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