Cyber attack: APS accuses Morocco, Israel and European countries

Following its accusation that Morocco is plotting against Franco-Algerian relations, the Algerian Press Agency (APS) has resumed its wild accusations by attacking the Kingdom once again. After suspending its website, the agency immediately published a press release in the form of an indictment, in which it accused Morocco and Israel of being behind the attacks.

The website of the official Algerian news agency, in its multilingual version, was the object, on Sunday 12 February, of a series of “serious” cyberattacks aimed at hacking it, which led to its temporary blocking, said the statement of the agency but also various Algerian media.

“The agency’s technical measures and systems have made it possible to repel these serious cyberattacks, which are still continuing, hence the temporary blocking of the site as a preventive measure to protect the database against any violation,” the same source said.

Still, investigating the reasons that make sites vulnerable to hacking does not seem to be a valid option for the agency, which immediately stated that ‘this series of electronic attacks has been located according to the geographical sources of the Zionist entity, Morocco and some European countries’.

The APS stressed that all versions of the electronic site, in both languages, Arabic and Tamazight, and especially in foreign languages, have suffered “for some time” more or less virulent attacks, adding that they come “from the same geographical regions” and are “part of the media and electronic war” targeting Algeria.

Besides, this attack is not the first of its kind targeting Algerian electronic sites, and neither are the accusations. It should be recalled that in 2017, the same site of the official press agency was targeted by an Algerian hacker.

The multiplication of this kind of attack is a reminder of the vulnerability of Algerian electronic sites, which are often an easy target for hackers. That said, the Algerians should spend more time improving and strengthening their cyber-defence than hiding behind accusations.

In fact, this kind of paranoid reaction has become a customary exercise for Algerian propaganda, which no longer misses the slightest opportunity to attribute all Algeria’s misfortunes to Morocco. The accusations of the APS are so absurd that it has pointed the finger at Morocco’s responsibility in the diplomatic crisis that broke out between France and Algeria over the extradition of Amina Bouraoui. An accusation that denotes the anchoring of the conspiracy theory in the eastern neighbour.

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