Dizzy Dros “M3a L3echran” Ranks First in Morocco’s Trendings

Just 17 hours after its release, the song “M3a L3echran” by rapper Omar, also known by the stage name “Dizzy Dros,” was ranked first on the music streaming service “YouTube.”

The song quickly became popular in Morocco and spread across social media platforms, where the Moroccan public actively engaged with it. This is because “Dizzy Dros” had recently made a strong return to the artistic scene and had revived the spirit of “Moroccan rap.”

Dizzy Dros recently released a piece of art called “M3a L3echran” in which he attempted to draw attention to social problems that Morocco is currently facing. He also criticized the government and the way it interacts with its people, as well as the state of Moroccan rap today, while addressing some rappers who are only interested in fame and “Buzz.”

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannoush, artist Manal Benchlikha, influencer Asmaa Beauty, and rap star Don Big are some of the individuals Dizzy Dros criticized.

The song’s lyrics served as a potent artistic speech throughout the video clip, which featured scenes that conveyed a variety of messages, including social, cultural, and political ones.

Many early adopters of social media praised the song and were moved by the video, calling it “the best clip in Moroccan rap history” and being impressed by how “global” it was described as.

He oversaw the production by Cubix, the signing of the director known as “Weld Derb,” and the words written by Dizzy Dros.

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