Morocco: 35 new routes with 10 airlines for the summer of 2023

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) affirmed, on Tuesday, that it is multiplying the actions with the travel prescribers and the national and international airlines in order to increase the number of seats towards Morocco. A measure which is in line with its ambition to promote the tourism sector and to capitalize on the craze for Morocco following the 2022 World Cup, the office said in a statement. Thus, for the 2023 summer season, the ONMT has encouraged the opening of no less than 35 new air routes with 10 airlines.

“Air transport is a major lever of action for the development of tourism. For the Office, it is therefore important to contribute to the setting up of these new links in order to accompany the upturn and to go up in power, by securing the connectivity of the Moroccan destinations towards the main emitting markets”, declares Adel El Fakir, DG of the ONMT, as mentioned in the press release.

Thus, 8 Moroccan destinations are concerned by this vast programme: Agadir, Essaouira, Fez, Marrakech, Nador, Ouarzazate, Rabat and Tangier. These new routes concern 9 emitting markets: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Ten airlines will operate these new point-to-point routes (Aegean Airlines, Air Arabia Maroc, Binter Canarias, EasyJet, Eurowings Discover, Luxair, Ryanair, TUIfly Belgium, Volotea and Vueling), the same source adds. All of the ONMT’s delegations abroad have been mobilised to achieve this result.

These are 4 new openings for Agadir (linked to Strasbourg and Lisbon with Ryanair, to Frankfurt with Eurowings Discover and to Glasgow with EasyJet), 4 new openings for Essaouira (linked to Bordeaux with EasyJet, to the Canary Islands with Binter, to London with Ryanair and to Barcelona with Vueling) and 4 new openings for Fez (linked to Alicante and Palma de Mallorca with Ryanair, to Duesseldorf with Air Arabia Maroc and to Clermont-Ferrand with Ryanair).  There are also 7 new openings for Marrakech, 2 new openings for Nador and Ouarzazate, 3 new openings for Rabat and 4 new openings for Tangiers.


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