Deloitte Inaugurates New cybersecurity centre in Casablanca

Deloitte France and Francophone Africa inaugurated this Wednesday 22 February the “Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center”, a new cybersecurity center in Casablanca.

The new center, which is located in Casablanca Finance City, supports the advancement of digital security and provides Deloitte clients from Morocco, Africa, and around the world with cutting-edge and strategic expertise. According to Imade Elbaraka, President of the Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center, it is the “sixth center of this kind of Deloitte and complements its global system” (DMCC).

This new center offers solutions for monitoring, diagnosis, guidance, and support in the implementation of cybersecurity strategies and solutions in order to meet the market’s increasing demand for cybersecurity.

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The DMCC, which is being set up on a 2,000 m2 area, will be able to provide expertise services and remotely managed services to clients all over the world. About 100 engineers from Morocco and Africa currently work at the center, with half being women. By 2025, it is intended to gather more than 450 experts.

This facility houses the following elements:

– According to Deloitte, “The Dome” is an advanced detection operational security center and response that offers 24/7 supervision from certified and trained operators. It is connected to other Deloitte global centers in Canada, the United States, Spain, India, and Malaysia to pool threat assessment and incident response capabilities.

– More than 30 training and certification courses in the organizational, legal, and technical security pillars are offered by A Cyber Academy, the organization’s training arm. The “Cyber Learning” platform offers both in-person and online delivery options for these training sessions.

– A “War Room” for crisis management in the event of a cybersecurity incident. It enables investigations and analyses and allows for the sharing of those results with customers via a secure and segregated computer network run by Deloitte.

– A connected object and industrial security lab that is focused on developing new technologies and creative cybersecurity solutions. It addresses both offensive and defensive safety issues in industrial environments, working closely with schools and technical institutes in particular.

– A defensive and offensive safety lab to address one of the most important business security issues: figuring out whether the policies, tools, and configurations offer the level of security required for their requirements. The laboratory enables businesses to assess their safety in a practical manner using realistic methods (intrusion or cyber attack simulation, vulnerability analysis, etc.)

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