LG Electronics Morocco joins forces with Disty Technologies Morocco

The Moroccan divisions of LG Electronics and Disty Technologies have joined forces to provide businesses with the most up-to-date digital options, intelligent screens from LG Electronics, and cutting-edge technological options for new, highly customizable experiences.

The expert in digital technologies, including digital displays, television, and screens, along with its partner Disty Technologies, a significant national player in Morocco’s import and distribution of new technology products and solutions, are launching offers that cater to the needs of professionals, particularly in the fields of retail, education and teaching, the hotel industry, health, as well as transportation, particularly in stations and airports.

“Thanks to this distribution partnership with Disty Technologies, Moroccan professionals will be able to benefit from our latest innovations and our wide range of digital signage solutions to better perform commercially,” said Jungho Kim, CEO of LG Electronics Morocco.

“Moroccan professionals are demanding these latest innovative technologies, especially in certain sectors such as the hotel industry, retail, public spaces and large companies in general,” said Younes El Himdy, CEO of Disty Technologies.

“With LG Electronics, we intend to contribute to the popularisation of this type of very effective solutions on the commercial and communication level,” he added.


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