Nasser Bourita: Morocco is not a party to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates Nasser Bourita said, on Tuesday in Rabat, that Morocco “is not a party to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine”, stressing that the Kingdom “has not participated and does not participate, in any form, in this conflict.”

Following their meetings, Nasser Bourita stated at a joint press conference with Peter Launsky, Austria’s Deputy Federal Minister for European and International Affairs, that Morocco, as a member of the international community, views this conflict as a problem that affects global peace and security and has significant economic and social ramifications.

The Minister stated that the Kingdom’s stance on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is based on the principles of upholding state sovereignty, respecting the territorial integrity of UN members, mediating disputes peacefully, encouraging a positive neighborhood policy, and upholding the fundamentals of international law and the UN Charter.

According to this stance, he continued, “Morocco abstains from voting whenever there is a vote within the UN and its specialized agencies, with the exception of when the resolution concerns the principles of the UN Charter and the principles of international law and according to the four principles it defends.”

He continued by saying that the Kingdom consistently supports these resolutions as long as they are in line with international law and UN resolutions, seek to protect the territorial integrity of States, and call for the use of peaceful measures to settle disputes.

As was the case recently when the Kingdom voted in favor of a resolution in accordance with its frame of reference, namely the UN Charter, the principles of international law, and the resolutions of international legality, Bourita reiterated that Morocco clearly expresses its positions through a positive vote when it comes to the United Nations Charter and those principles.

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