BCIJ director highlights dangerous Iran-Polisario connections

The director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), Haboub Cherkaoui, gave an exclusive interview to the Israeli television channel i24 News in the framework of the Defence programme, where he highlighted the close ties between Iran and the Polisario.

The head of the fight against terrorism returned to the real threats that target Morocco directly: “A real threat comes from Iran and Hezbollah, with the help of Algeria. There has been a significant move by Iran and Hezbollah on the one hand, and the Polisario Front and Algeria on the other. This rapprochement represents a threat to the security and stability of Morocco.

Haboub Cherkaoui, in an exclusive interview with the Israeli TV channel i24 News.

To face this threat, which is now more than proven, the director of the BCIJ specified that “the most important thing to fight against these threats is to conclude agreements such as the Abraham Agreements, signed with Israel and the United States”, in order to combat “Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the country.

The official also returned to the operations of the BCIJ in the Sahel, which “harbours terrorist organisations […] that were formerly active in Syria and Iraq”, giving a clarification of the situation on the ground: “While the special forces operating in the region have made a lot of progress, they have not succeeded in putting a definitive end to terrorism.” “Daech and al-Qaeda have been crushed on the ground, but their ideology is still alive,” he said, particularly via “cells that are kept dormant until they are activated one day by their leaders.

Finally, Habboub Cherkaoui highlighted the role played by the King of Morocco in the fight against terrorism and organised crime, but also in leading “reform in the religious domain”.


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