The death of a Polisario militia commander and the injury of others near the separation wall

Activists in the Tindouf camps referred to the death of the commander of a military unit of the Polisario militia in an accident when the SUV carrying him and others on a military mission overturned near the sand barrier.

Activists in the Tindouf camps added that an SUV was involved in a fatal accident that resulted in the death of the commander of a military unit who succumbed to his injuries as a result of the accident, while his companions were injured more or less seriously and were transported to receive treatment in Tindouf, Algeria.

The same sources indicated that the car that was involved in the accident due to excessive speed was carrying members of the Polisario militia on a military mission near the separation wall, but things went the other way round.

According to the same sources, the incident took place near a military zone belonging to the Polisario Front in a border area not far from the UM crane zone on Mauritania’s northern borders with Morocco and Algeria.


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