Omar Hilale denounces South Africa’s complicity with Algeria and Polisario

Omar Hilale, Morocco’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN, denounced, in two letters addressed last Wednesday to the UN SG and to the president and members of the Security Council, South Africa’s complicity with Algeria and the “Polisario”, its unconditional appropriation of Algeria’s geopolitical agenda and its blind ideological support to the armed separatist group.

Reacting to a letter circulated by the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the UN on the Moroccan Sahara, Hilale stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco “deeply regrets that South Africa lends itself, once again, to the role of factor of an armed separatist group, whose connections with terrorism in the Sahel are proven. In his letter, Omar Hilale said that the infamous terrorist “adnan abu al walid sahrawi”, was a member of the “polisario” before becoming the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state in the great sahara” and recalled that this individual had his habits of taking refuge in the camps of Tindouf, and to be treated, before being eliminated on September 15, 2021. Mr. Hilale added that the deputy of abu al walid sahrawi, the notorious terrorist “lakhal sidi salama”, alias “abdelhakim sahraoui”, was also a member of the “polisario” and was eliminated on 23 May 2021.

Furthermore, the German newspaper Die Welt, dated 27 January 2023, published the results of an investigation based on the convergent reports of several European intelligence services, confirming, with evidence, that the ‘polisario’ has made the Tindouf camps a hub for the financing of terrorism in the Sahel, through the ‘hawala’ which allows the illicit and anonymous transfer of funds between Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, particularly to terrorist groups and actors involved in regional destabilization.


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