Spanish Interior Minister will appear before parliament about the Melilla-Nador tragedy

El Mundo reported on Thursday that Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the Spanish interior minister, will appear before the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee on March 22 to “explain” the June 24 Melilla-Nador catastrophe.

In statements to the media, the minister remarked, “It is not an appearance but an exchange of thoughts.

Grande-Marlaska recounted that once his nation’s court system finished its inquiry into the deaths of about 30 migrants at the land border, he had vowed to visit the European Parliament.

Then he responded, “This exchange will occur when the prosecution has finished its investigations.

Eyes have turned to the official for further information on the tragic events that led to the regrettable occurrence as the Spanish prosecutor’s office decided in December to end the inquiry into the Melilla-Nador catastrophe.

The Minister had defended the efforts made by border security and law enforcement to stop the hundreds of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who flooded the border wall last summer.

Because to a coalition between the PSOE and the Popular Party, the lower house rejected Unidas-Podemos’ proposal to set up a parliamentary commission of investigation into the Melilla-Nador catastrophe in November.

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