Morocco Fashion Week Advances Cultural and Artistic Growth in Marrakech

A press conference for the ongoing Morocco Fashion Week was held earlier today at the M Avenue theater in Marrakech. Many speakers talked eloquently about the city’s allure to people throughout the world and the growing popularity of Moroccan fashion.

The initiator of the event, Hind Joudar, founders of M Avenue and Fashion Channel, as well as Saher Okal, the creator of the Accademia Moda school in Nazareth, were among the speakers.

Joudar, who founded the Oriental Fashion Show, stated that the major goal of her participation in the occasion is to impart her knowledge and skills to Morocco. She told Morocco World News, “The fashion show aims to promote Marrakech’s image at the local and international level.

Designers from all over the world, including those from Kazakhstan, Italy, Lebanon, and Palestine, are attending the event.

The founder of the fashion event claims that helping young talent and their projects grow is its main goal. The founder announced that today’s fashion show runway would provide the participating designers a chance to display their creations and assured the audience that they would witness “something that will move them emotionally.”

Also, there will be a competition at the event where students from different modeling schools will exhibit their creations in an effort to win a reward that would allow them to exhibit their work at the upcoming fashion show in Paris in June.

The style and modeling schools Casa Moda, Lasalle College, and Escom collaborated to arrange the competition. Several fashion icons from the Arab world, like Zineb El Joundy, Said Mahlouf, Hany El Behairi, and Saher Okal, make up the jury for the competition.

Promoting And Supporting Young Talent

M Avenue founder Nabil Slitine stated, “We are very thrilled to be organizing the second edition of Morocco Fashion Week in conjunction with Hind Joudar,” in a statement made outside of the press conference.

M avenue is a “cultural destination,” according to the originator, that aims to showcase and support emerging artists and creators.

Our goal has always been to support talent in all spheres, including the creative, fashion, and technological ones, according to Slitine.

Saher Okal, a Palestinian fashion designer and founder of the fashion institute Accademia Di Moda, spoke about the event in an interview with Morocco World News. He said it would be a chance to highlight Palestinian creativity to the rest of the world by showcasing new talent and Accademia Di Moda graduates.

Okal stated that he anticipates the runway for the fashion show to be “fantastic,” saying that it will feature both contemporary and conventional designs like the caftan.

The Palestinian fashion designer, who also won season two of Project RunWay Middle East, took the chance to share his passion for Moroccan attire.

He particularly praised the Moroccan Caftan, which he claimed has continually drawn attention from fashion aficionados over the years with its exquisite detailing and elegant appeal during fashion displays.

On March 8, the first day of the Morocco Fashion Show began with an exhibition of craftswomen that honored Moroccan women and the caftan. The renowned “La Brillante” hotel in Marrakech hosted the exhibition.

On its second day, the fashion show featured cooking workshops at Marrakech’s culinary arts museum, where the participants learned how to cook Moroccan chicken tagine and Moroccan salads such Zaalouk.

On March 12, Moroccan Fashion Week will come to an end after featuring more than 20 haute couture, caftan, and ready-to-wear fashion brands.

The Oriental Fashion Show is in charge of planning and funding the event, which is presided over by Hind Joudar and M Avenue.

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