Catalonia, Morocco Seeking to Boost Cooperation

Karima Benyaich, the Moroccan ambassador to Spain, had a meeting with Maria Eugènia Gay Rosell, the Spanish government’s representative in Catalonia, on Friday in Barcelona.

This gathering is a part of improving relations between Morocco and the various autonomous communities of Spain.

On this occasion, the two parties talked about methods to support the Moroccan minority living in Catalonia and looked into ways to make their lives better on a daily basis.

Benyaich made a point of highlighting the meeting’s further strengthening of Morocco and Spain’s strategic relationship as evidence of the two countries’ excellent ties.

She added that the High Level Meeting, which took place on February 1 and 2 in Rabat, gave bilateral ties at all levels a fresh start.

Benyaich also held a working meeting with a group of Catalan businessmen who attended the Forum of Dakhla. During this meeting, he had the chance to discuss the business opportunities provided by the Kingdom and how the business climate has improved as a result of the numerous steps the government has taken to draw in more foreign investors.

The ambassador discussed investment potential in Morocco while underlining the Kingdom’s twenty-year-long political, economic, and social changes, which have allowed it to take the lead in Africa’s economic development due to HM King Mohammed VI’s long-sighted leadership.

A delegation from the Moroccan Jewish community in Catalonia was also met by Benyaich. They commended HM the King for his significant contributions to promoting interfaith harmony and tolerance.

The diplomat stressed that HM the King’s enlightened vision has helped to strengthen the ties of Moroccans of the Jewish faith living abroad with their motherland. She welcomed the Royal vision and the efforts made by HM the King for the preservation of the Jewish-Moroccan heritage and the institutional modernization of the structures for the management of the daily affairs of the members of the Jewish community.

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