Notwithstanding a diplomatic crisis, Morocco and France continue their military collaboration

The director of Security and Defense Cooperation visited Morocco this week in order to further develop this cooperation, showing that Morocco and France’s military cooperation continues despite the turmoil that plagues their relationship.

General Régis Colcombet, Director of Security and Defense Cooperation for the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, has concluded his working visit to Morocco, according to the French Embassy in Rabat.

In a tweet posted on Friday, the embassy stated that General Colombet was able to hold “rich meetings with several Moroccan partners in security and defense cooperation” while on a working visit to Morocco.

Military affairs specialist Mohamed Chakir asserts that Spain has also encountered paradoxes comparable to the one that exists at the moment regarding Morocco’s military and security ties with France and Spain. He says that these relationships are regulated by agreements that are not affected by political difficulties since they are founded on military ties and interests, which are private and adhere to a different logic from politics.

Chakir notes that agreements governing military and security cooperation are often made on a long-term basis and are unaffected by diplomatic problems or political unrest. He also emphasizes how crucial and strategically important the military ties between Morocco and these nations are.

Since Morocco’s independence from France in 1956, there has been a long history of military cooperation between Morocco and France. Since then, Morocco has been a key ally of France in Africa, and the two nations have maintained close military ties.

Moroccan and French military cooperation has recently concentrated on counterterrorism initiatives, with both nations collaborating to fight regional terrorist groups. France has aided Morocco’s efforts to uphold peace in the Sahel by offering the G5 Sahel joint military force military and logistical support.

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