Nadia Fettah Alaoui: Morocco Needs to Adapt Its Economy to the Growing Climate Threat

Morocco must adapt its economy to face the growing threat of climate change, which is causing more frequent droughts, Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fettah Alaoui said.

Speaking to the Sunday edition of the Financial Times, Fettah Alaoui noted that for many years “we have talked about drought as an exception”, adding that “2022 was the year we decided that we did not need action plans for specific years, but a long-term vision”.

Alaoui said climate change would require accelerated investment in desalination plants, dams and water recycling systems.

“We want desalination to be done through public-private partnerships,” she said, noting that the cost of water for households will be subsidised, while industry and other large users will pay a “fair price”.

Quoted in the same article, Youssef Brouziyne, head of the Middle East and North Africa at the International Water Management Institute, said 2022 was “very difficult because it was the fourth consecutive dry year”, which depleted vital reservoirs. He added that climate studies suggest that Morocco and its region are facing more regular droughts and more frequent and intense water shortages.

While Morocco already generates more than a third of its electricity from green sources, Fettah Alaoui also spoke of growing investor interest in renewable energy, including wind power and green hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water.

“In Morocco, there is wind or sunshine every day,” noted Zaid Belbagi, who runs the Hardcastle policy consultancy.

As the Kingdom continues “to increase its renewable energy production, it could become Europe’s electricity supplier par excellence,” he assured.

Another part of Morocco’s approach is to diversify the economy into new sectors such as vehicle manufacturing for European markets, which the minister said would involve training thousands of skilled workers.


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