Moroccan Judaism’s Development Based on HM the King’s Enlightenment Vision and Efforts ( Serge Berdugo)

Créteil (France) – The evolution of Moroccan Judaism “finds its source and its foundation in the enlightened vision and initiatives” of HM King Mohammed VI, Serge Berdugo, Secretary General of the Council of Jewish Communities of Morocco, said on Sunday in Créteil, near Paris.

Speaking at the start of the Moroccan-Jewish Week in Creteil, Berdugo emphasized the actions of HM the King and the high concern of the Sovereign for Moroccan Jews, mentioning that among these royal initiatives is the launch by HM the King of a “vast” program to safeguard the Moroccan-Jewish heritage as an integral part of national heritage illustrated by several royal initiatives. This program was launched in 2010.

He referred to the “extraordinary” restoration of the Jewish religious and funerary heritage carried out under the high royal patronage, which is “more than a symbol” and a “huge work unique in the annals of humanity,” in order to restore 180 religious sites and give Jewish cemeteries and shrines in the Kingdom some degree of dignity.

The Assayag Synagogue in Tangier, which will house the Beit Yehouda Jewish Museum following renovation in 2021, and the restoration of the Attia Synagogue in Essaouira, which contains Bayt Dakira and the Haim Zafrani Study and Research Center, are two of the most notable instances. Berdugo also remembered the King’s 2018 announcement of the opening of the Museum of Jewish Culture in Fez, which will do so in late 2023.

This cultural week began on Sunday at the initiative of the Israelite Cultural Association of Creteil (ACIC), in association with a number of Moroccan and French institutions and Franco-Moroccan associations, with the goal of highlighting the Jewish heritage of Morocco and shining a light on the longstanding coexistence of Jews and Muslims in the Kingdom.


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